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About Me, Ros

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It's about turning up... paying attention and working in the moment. Noticing it's stillness, sound and soul...

Living in the beautiful Surrey Hills, I am lucky enough to have a home and studio overlooking extensive farmland and big skies. The impact of the light and contrast in these stunning views inspires me to create atmospheric paintings which focus on the beauty and fragility of life. I love to create images that respond to the delicate essence and soul of a moment. 

My work in nature sits alongside the colours and shadows of relationships in everyday life. As I create, I find that these stories and moments are woven into the fabric of my work.


I studied at Northumbria University and the University of Hertfordshire obtaining a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and PGDip in Art Psychotherapy. This training has added richness to my understanding of the creative process and helped inspire my art and work as an artist, art therapist and teacher. More recently, I have had the privilege of being able to explore art-making full time and this has added new freedom and joy to my time in the studio.


I love to work both from observation and my imagination, using oils, acrylics, wax, collage and even coffee stains to help capture depth and texture in my work. I have found the process of making involves every part of my attention and energy as I wait for the moment when the image begins to ‘dance & sing’…it can be messy, but this is where I believe the ‘magic happens’!

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